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Koresh is a non-profit organization promoting experimental contemporary art through exhibitions, workshops, talks and events. Initially we organized shows and events outdoors or in the common areas of a large housing complex located at Koresh Street 14. Koresh 14 was founded in 2007. In 2009, the Jerusalem municipality decided to give us permanent space inside this building. It is not by accident that we decided to open a gallery in a residential building. We want to bring art closer to life and into communities. Some projects have been closely connected to the building and its history.


Upon graduating from art school, students often experience a crisis. As they lose a shared, supportive environment that invites collaboration and enables mutual inspiration, these aspiring artists often lose their way. Koresh was conceived as a solution to this problem. We wanted to provide a social environment to enable artistic dialogue and collaboration. Through the years, we have collaborated with Bezalel: teaching workshops, organizing panels, and more.

Vered Hadad

Director and Chief Curator

Shai Rossler

Events Production and Fundraising

Took part in the project and contributed to its success

Hili Greenfeld, Talya Stein, Roy Rochlin, Tanya Bubnov Mikaeilyn, Roy Avraham, Eli Horesh, Omri Hertzog, Adina Bar - On,  Yahav Zohar, Michal Amram, Charlotte Spruch, Tzfia Dgani, Shirel Horovitz, Nilly Berg, Moran Pearl, Linda Solay, Maya Elran, Sigal Bar Nir, Nili Parlamoter, Galit Atul, Neta Peretz, Techelet Zohar

Board of directors

Shosh Israeli, Einat Ifergan


Vered Hadad, Hili Greenfeld, Tanya Bubnov Mikaeilyn

Audit committee

Eli Petel, Avi Sabah

Association members

Omri Hertzog, Sigal Bar Nir, Eli Horesh, Tanya Bubnov Mikaeilyn, Vered Hadad, Hili Greenfeld

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